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JLH Power Amp Schematics



Simple Class A Amplifier 


Wireless World April 1969

Power Supply 



15-20W Class AB Audio Amplifier


Wireless World July 1970

Power Supply



A Direct-Coupled High Quality Stereo Amplifier


Hi-Fi News November 1972

A Simple 30 Watt Integrated Amplifier


Hi-Fi News January 1980

An Introduction to MOSFETs 

(Update to ‘Simple 30W Integrated Amplifier’)


Hi-Fi News December 1980

80-100W MOSFET Audio Amplifier


Wireless World August 1982

Audio Design Amplifier


ETI July 1984

Power Supply



Class A/AB MOSFET Power Amplifier


Electronics & Wireless World March 1989

Audio Design 80W MOSFET Amplifier


ETI May 1989

Power Supply



IGBT Audio Amplifier


Electronics World & Wireless World May 1992

An Integrated Audio Amplifier


Electronics World & Wireless World June 1993

Power Supply



Class-A Power


Electronics World September 1996

Power Supply







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